by every-people


The Story
"VŠECHEN- LIDÉ" is "every-people" in the Czech language. The landlocked country of the Czech Republic is almost completely surrounded by mountains.

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Did you know?
The city of Karlovy Vary, known for its health-restoring sulfurous waters and spa services, was frequented by Tsar Peter the Great in the 18th century for healing treatments. Also, the country is home to over 2000 castles and chateaux, more than any other in Europe. I think it’s one of the coolest things about the Czech Republic, Appart from the beer of course. Beer is a big deal in the Czech Republic as it is home to the first Pale Lager, Pilsner Urquell, brewed in the city of Pilsen. One last cool thing is the Czech Jan Janský, a neurologist, was the first to classify human blood into the four blood groups, paving the way for modern blood donations and typing

The Bucket 
This bucket style is nice, keeps the sun off your nose and your neck. And if you're at the cricket you'll fit right in. Big simple logo smack in the middle. One size fits all.

  • 98% cotton, 2% spandex
  • Mid-profile, 3” crown
  • 8 rings of stitching on brim
  • 4 embroidered eyelets
  • One size fits all: head circumference 21 5/8” to 23 1/8”

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