About us

Who are every-people

We are a small team hoping to show how wonderful the everyday aspects of life can be. We have a love of people and want to share their stories and celebrate them with a simple drawing. We have set out to be inclusive and send a positive message that we are all special no matter who we are and what we do.

We also like our name and we like what it stands for. So we decided to translate “every-people” into as many languages as we can. It’s funny but wearing a different language on a t-shirt can open up some conversations and unify us in a simple way.

How we choose the people

They sort of choose us in a sense, we don’t really try to pick special people, rather everyone is interesting in their own way and once they are drawn and you see them on a shirt or a mug they really are super special.

Made just for you

It only takes 3-5 days and they are out the door to you. We want to make as many every-people as we can and the best way is to print them once they are ordered. It’s a perfect way to reduce waste and leave the printing to our fulfillment team. This gives us the ability to concentrate on drawing the people and still have the best quality products for a genuinely good price, and everything is in stock… bonus. We wouldn’t make them for you if we wouldn’t wear them ourselves, we truly can say the t-shirts are really nice quality and feel.